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Frequency: 240 MHz – 960 MHz (ASK/FSK);  

High output power: +14dBm;  

Low operation voltage: VCC = 1.8 to 3.6V;  

Low standby current:<20nA; 50% duty ratio transmitting current: 18.5mA; 

Freq deviation: ±30KHz;  

FSK Deviation: ±35KHz; 

Circuit shape: PLL(10PPM), stable working frequency; 

Temperature Range: -20~ 70;

The range can be up to 500m when matching with CY68; 

Dimension: 12.3*14.5*5.5mm


Remote Gate Controls 

Remote Keyless Entry 

Mechanical and electrical control of strong interference;  

Wireless Industrial Remote Control 

Wireless Data Transmission 

Remote Control Curtain



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