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Frequency: 315M/433.92MHz (custom frequency is available)  

Supply voltage: 3.3~5.5V 

Receiving sensitivity to -107dBm  

Low power consumption, 5.0V@433.92MHz, 3.8-4.1mA; 5.0V @315MHz,  2.6-2.8mA; continuously data rate transmission to 2.4k (Manchester code)  

Good selectivity and stray radiation inhibition ability, easy to go through  international CE/FCC certification;  

Good capable of suppressing the vibration radiation. Multiple receiving modules  can work at the same time (that is single transmitter and multiply receivers)There is no interference with each other it does not affect the receiving distance  when multiple receivers work together.  

Operating temperature: -20℃~+70. It can work normally under hostile  environment. (it can custom design to 40℃~+85

Dimension: 12.00×10.50×5.00 (mm)


Remote gate controls, Brake  

Remote keyless entry (RKE)  

Wireless control Curtain device  

Wireless security systems  

Wireless Industrial Control  

Wireless parking lot barrier



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