The wireless remote controller and a wireless receiving module


The development of the modern market, people's living requirements increase, automation can also slowly today thousands of households. Motor wireless controller, the use of advanced design concepts, the motor can control any type, brand. And through the wireless technology, as long as you press the remote control key, you can easily turn, open your doors and windows, have other Home Furnishing. Give people a more convenient life.

Many users will find the remote control distance is not ideal in the course of using wireless remote control in, or do not have a strong anti-interference ability, can appear the signal interruption phenomena, the users often don't know what solution to use. In fact, we in the choice of wireless remote control and wireless receiving module, must choose the suitable. Application environment to understand their product, have the interference source, far distance requirements of application. If the general requirements for only 50~100 meters, and has around without what interference, temperature requirements are not high, available to ordinary small power remote control with ordinary receiving module, this can save some costs. If the higher requirement of user application environment such as temperature, -20 degrees ~80 degrees, the surrounding environment is harsh, electromagnetic interference, electrical interference, co channel interference and so strong, distance to hundreds of meters, the best choice of high power radio remote controller matching superheterodyne radio receiving module, a remote control switch is also the best choice of switch superheterodyne receiver module, so that the application effect will be much better than ordinary. The hope can give the wireless remote control system user technical support - Shenzhen a remote Technology Co. ltd..

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