What is the radio frequency remote control?


The biggest advantage of wireless radio frequency remote controller is its scope: they can be transmitted from the receiver distance up to 30 meters (Bluetooth transmission distance is shorter), wireless signals can travel through walls. Because of the above advantages, infrared / you will be looking for home theater components of RF remote control. The remote control using infrared / radio frequency converter to extend the infrared remote control transmission range.

Learning remote controller can receive and store the other emission remote control code; and then transmitting the code to control devices that can understand the code. For example, you have a pre programmed remote control receiver, and then buy a new TV, and incidental learning remote controller. Learning signal transmitted by the remote control remote control receiving your receiver, and remember these signals to control the receiver. This does not need to input the command code - learning remote controller can receive and store the other signal is sent by the remote controller. Learning remote control all are considered to be a universal remote control, because they can control a plurality of devices

Some of the infrared remote controller can send infrared and radio frequency signal. The RF signal is not a control radio equipment (in fact, they can't control radio equipment). But the infrared remote control operation range from about 9 meters to about 30 meters (or gain) and the signal can pass through walls and glass cover. Automatic transmission infrared and radio frequency signals for each command remote control. Infrared / using the receiver terminal radio frequency converter (some IR / RF remote control with, some sold as accessories), it receives the signal and the signal into the infrared devices can understand the pulse conversion. The infrared remote control you can improve the home theater sound from upstairs bedroom.

When a user first use RF remote control, the remote and product pairing, if not matched remote controller is not available, because of the series of products are equipped with remote control are not the same, so the process back pairing to follow the instructions on the introduction of related operations.

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