Wireless remote control frequency specifically refers to what?


Wireless remote control common carrier frequency for 315mHz or 433mHz, which is a device for remote control of machine, also widely role in life. To use the remote is the state of the opening bands, in this frequency range, transmission power is less than 10mW, the coverage of less than 100m or less than the units, can do not have to go through "radio management committee approval and free to use". China's open frequency regulation for 315mHz, while Europe and the United States and state regulations for 433mHz, so the export to these countries products should use 433mHz remote controls. Is a device used to remotely control the machine.

Remote control to modern, mainly produce different message consists of an integrated circuit board and used to button which, today, wireless remote control has been applied more and more in life, has brought great convenience to people, with the progress of science and technology has expanded into many kinds of arm / disarm / in. Home protection / emergency four buttons. Can remote control the alarm host, can also be used when an emergency button. The SMT imported component, with a button to push the cover type protection device, a metal shell has the advantages of beautiful appearance, the transmitting end routine situations into two types, one is remote control transmitter, the transmitter module. Launch machine and remote control transmitter module is used to distinguish the speaking, launch machine can be used independently, the receiving end can be external leading out terminals; remote control module is commonly used as a component part, is defined according to the actual demand, module and the existing line seamless docking, compact and low-cost.

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