Industrial wireless remote control option


Industrial wireless remote controller scope and occasion and we live in remote commonly used are different, the performance requirements are higher, so there are great differences in the wireless remote control device of choice, industrial remote control is the distance a equipment operation control or remote control of industrial machinery using radio transmission, industrial the remote control is the operation of transmitting equipment made by the wireless transmitting circuit board to control industrial machinery.

Industrial wireless remote controller needs high precision, good sensitivity, signal coherence is strong, strong anti-interference, remote control distance is far, waterproof and dustproof, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, technical parameters than civilian remote high, industrial remote control can be used in various harsh environments; these are civilian remote controller which can not be substituted industry remote controller

Select the industrial wireless remote control device for remote control transformation of loader, without changing the existing manual operation method, one hundred percent imitate the original crawler loader mechanical power function and operation function, reach the unmanned intentions end slag operation. Eliminate the poor environment, poor visibility, high temperature slag brings hidden trouble, improve working environment, improve the slag removing operation power of workers, decrease the labor intensity of workers. Play a significant role in the process of modernization.

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