Intelligent Security System

Home burglar alarm system:

                              Figure1 System diagram (a) ASK modulation mode ASK modulated emission side and the receiving end of communication, the emission-side circuit often using the emission module (such as TUA13, TUA12, THA30 and other devices), the receiving end more than using the finished receiver module or the chip itself structures (such as ASK receiver module RD7, RD8, RZ7, RZ8, RM7, of RM8, RS7, etc.) (b) FSK modulation mode FSK modulation transmit side and the receiving end of communication, the transmitter FSK wireless RF emission module or chip (such as TUF12 TUF40, THF30), the receiving end using the finished product wireless transceiver module or chip (such as TR12 TR31, etc.)
System Components: 1.Transmitter used THA30 module, which designed by our. 2. The host receiver using ours’ RS7 module. Benefits and features: 1.Has high receiver sensitivity, strong anti-jamming capability 2 .Good encryption performance(using rolling code encryption), high data transfer rate. Transmitter: Using TH30 module as the transmitter, you can select the ASK or FSK mode according to the need, to work in multiple frequency ranges (315/433/868/915 MHz). Not only compatible with ASK/FSK, but also compatible with the 315MHz/434MHz, can provide a better frequency range to facilitate the production and debugging. Another one, functions of TH30 module can be changed by modifying the SW, it is a good news for the manufactory, the simply prepared a material can be used in several product lines. Ultra-low power, high data transfer rate, has a programmable PA, emission maximum output up to +10 dBm, launch power range of 17dB, 0.25dB step adjustment. Automatically adjust to match the antenna, optimize the antenna efficiency by adjusting the parameters, feedback loop to automatically adjust the closed-loop effects, to ensure the stability of the launch process. The receiver: The receiver choice our RS7 module, the module is low power consumption,  high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, good stability, convenient debugging, the data receiving rate is high, you can reduce the circuit layout and reduce development costs and shorten the development cycle, improve product performance and security. Target market and application orientation:
Market Fields
Lighting dimming systems, home appliances, wireless remote control
Building security
Electric garage doors, electric gates
Wireless remote control toys
Pre-installed market
Burglar alarm system