Receiving IC - CY802

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CY803/802 Datasheet
300M-450MHz RF receiver
General Description
The CY803/802 is a general purpose, 3.3-5V, super-heterodyne Receiver that operates from 300M to 450MHz with typical sensitivity of -110dBm. The CY803/802 functions as a super-heterodyne receiver for OOK and ASK modulation up to 10kbps.The down-conversion mixer also provides image rejection. All post-detection data filtering is provided on the CY803/802. Any one-of-four filter bandwidths may be selected externally by the user in binary steps, from 1.25kHz to 10kHz. The user need only configure the device with a set of easily determined values, based upon data rate, code modulation format, and desired duty-cycle operation.
Image Rejection Mixer
Frequency from 300MHz to 450MHz
Low power, 6.0mA @ 433.92MHz, continuous on
Data rates to 10kbps (Manchester Encoded)
High sensitivity: -110dBm
No IF filter required
Excellent selectivity and noise rejection
Low external part count
Package Information: (unit: mm)
SSOP16 Package


Ordering Information
Part Number TemperatureRange Package
CY802 –20° to +70°C 16-Pin SOP
CY803 –20° to +70°C 16-Pin SSOP