RF4CE remote control scheme is introduced

RF4CE remote control scheme is introduced This is a 2.4 GHz RF wireless air Mouse, its appearance is similar to the remote control, there are more than 64 key buttons (can be redefined according to customer's request) is used to implement different functions, the plan is to be made up of Mouse end and Dongle end.The Mouse side for a MG2470 add a MCU Module;Dongle side for a MG2470 Module and a USB MCU.Air using the mouse function, can be you completely liberated from the computer, only by rotating the mouse in the air, into the cursor on the screen quickly response control, accurate operation completely according to user's will.Hand feel is comfortable, convenient operation, completely avoid the traditional mouse need to static desktop for reference the drawbacks of the operation. Through the built-in RF4CE agreement, the agreement can be connected at the same time and control the home appliances such as TV, air conditioning equipment, realize the dream of a remote control of all electrical appliances, and through the relay function, can realize through walls, remote control. Product features: 1. The 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology, high-speed USB2.0 interface mini receiver; 2. Is the range of up to 30 meters above; 3. The frequency hopping technology for wireless data transmission, strong anti-jamming; 4. Use imported from gyro sensor; 5. 5 minutes without action to sleep, time can be adjusted according to customer's requirements, consumes 30 ua, greatly improve the service life of the battery; 6. The Mouse side have low voltage indicator function, the battery voltage is lower than 2.4 V, the voltage indicator LED light, can according to customer requirements for voltage regulation; 7. Support all key wake up; 8. A break line reconnection functions; 9. The sensitivity: accurate to once, that is, each roll once can be detected; 10. The "booster, make its stable working voltage is 3.3 V. 11. A positioning key: hold the button, the cursor can move with the mouse moves, so as to achieve better location performance. 12. The function keys: can open web pages, calculator, mail, SKYPE etc function keys; 13. Key of multimedia, such as play, mute, volume + / - to realize multimedia functions such as keys; 14. The keyboard function: if there are any number, direction, subtracting, Page up/down, Home and End keys; 15. Compatible with Windows98 / Me/NT / 2000 / XP/VISTA. Second, the function description Using the 2.4 GHz wireless transmission technology, the farthest effective distance can reach more than 30 meters, as smooth as wired mouse, high sensitivity, realize the infrared remote control all of the features, and can according to the demand for a variety of other functions.Plus a dormant intelligent power saving design, greatly improve the battery life. 1. The leds status display (1). The RF Dongle end not connected successfully LED lights flash, Chang Liang says it has the connection is successful, can work normally; (2). The keyboard if the press any key, work instructions LED lights 4 hz flash slowly, said the connection is successful, Chang Liang indicates the connection is successful, can work normally; (3). The keyboard end without key press, working 16 hz indicator LED lights flash, said the battery is not enough, need to replace the battery. 2. The button function (1). The keyboard area It is the main part of the keyboard keys are arranged like the normal keyboard.The key areas including the numeric keys, alphabetic keys, common operators and punctuation keys, there are a few necessary control keys. POWER button: computer dormancy key, press this button the computer will enter a dormant state.Other keys are consistent with normal keyboard function. Special composite key functions: a variety of key combination can be customized according to requirements (2). The mouse function key area Mouse button positioning: hold down the button, the cursor can move with the mouse moves, loosen the key location of the cursor;Or double-click the button, move the mouse also can realize the movement of the cursor, click on the button to locate the cursor (when using this feature, press the mouse left and right and effective, other keys are invalid). The left mouse button: in accordance with normal mouse function. The right mouse button: in accordance with normal function of the right mouse button. 3. The gyroscope and accelerometer function Gyroscope is proposed, which can test three axis acceleration, increase the corresponding gamepad button, can realize 3 d game handle function; The face of positive and negative of accelerometer is proposed, which can test the remote control, ensure that the remote down surface in a non-working state; 4. The speech recognition and two-way voice transmission function Use voice recognition function, press the microphone button, a voice command, remote voice can be sent to the host for voice equipment, and performed by the host command.Sampling using Google voice standard 16 KHZ sampling frequency, voice transmission adopts the air rate of 1 MBPS. Voice two-way transmission function can be achieved to the remote control transfer music, TV speech signal. 5. Touch pad function Using the same design and laptop touchpad, touch the mouse function. 6. Many devices connected Based on RF4CE protocol, implement multiple interconnection of home appliance equipment, air rate of 250 KBPS.