CY water heaters and circulating pump control system

One, the basic working principle and composition block diagram Basic principle of 1. 1) the use of radio frequency signal omnidirectional and penetrability, sent by the remote control signal, the circulating pump and water heater to partition control at a distance; 2) using hot water pipe + return pipe + closed cycle in the composition of the circulating pump, circulating pump starts, in the hot water pipe loop formation pressure rated current, start the water heater ignition, circulating water in the heating circuit, achieve preheating; 2.  The current way Not installed circulating pump, open the valve one of 1 or 2, 3, and the cold water through A water heater heating - C - valves, water in pipes C before emptying and for heating, water valve for cold water. After the installation of circulating pump: before open the valves, start the circulation pump and pipeline C water through the C - D - circulating pump - E - B - water heater heating - C cycle after heating, before opening the valve, the water and pipe in the pipe C can preheat to set temperature, the valve open water is hot water. Second, the use characteristics 1. Remote control circulation pump: Water-saving: 1) the traditional water heater when used, need to open the hot water faucet, such as cold water to shower after emptying, if the pipe is longer, pipe temperature is very low and met the requirement of the water temperature, put out a lot of water is needed to vent pipe water and heating pipes, water waste is very big, use hot water circulating pump, can be cyclic heating, hot water supply of water to avoid empty waste; 2) comfort: traditional water heater before use empty cold water, cold water flowed very uncomfortable, the other are accustomed to the morning shower, use the remote control circulation pump, can start the circulation pump before get up, such as water temperature reaches set temperature after bathing, especially in the winter, such already save water, is comfortable and convenient. 3) save time: use the remote control circulating pump, in advance of the water in the hot water pipe preheating, save waiting time; 2. Remote control water heater: 1) convenience such as the distance to use small flow rate at low temperature hot water in the kitchen; 2) convenient Settings such as the distance of various hot water in the shower water supply mode; Three, the main function 1. Remote control circulating pump 1) start to delay with the remote control: circulation pump run after the set time stop work; 2) with the remote control to start timing: in the set period of time and start the circulation pump; 3) start with the remote control for constant temperature: when the water temperature is lower than the set temperature of hot water pipes, circulating pump starts, when the water temperature reaches set temperature, the circulating pump to stop; 2. Remote control water heater 1) with the remote control was carried out on the water heater outlet temperature Settings; 2) with the remote control was carried out on the water heater working mode Settings; Fourth, the main technical performance 1) LCD show set up and control the operation, and display the operation success and failure; 2) 430-435 MHZ ISM frequency, do not need to apply for wireless access; 3) 430-435 MHZ band of frequency hopping, can avoid the same frequency interference; 4) the RF transmission power > 9 DBM, receiving sensitivity < - 110 DBM, stadia > 200 meters, indoor wall > 100 m; 5) two-way communication mechanism, ensure the high reliability control; 6) remote control and host error correction for code binding, the operation is simple intelligence, automatic correcting code wrong operation; 7) can be arbitrary increase the specific binding of the remote control, but also allows for up to 6 remote control used at the same time; 8) auto sleep, any key wake up; 9) 2 remote control section 7 battery, the normal use of the service life of more than one year; 10) in accordance with the FCC CE certification standards 11) remote control can control the circulation pump and water heater at the same time, also can respectively and water heaters and circulating pump used independently; 12) compatible with water heater has been set and line control operation; 13) according to different customer demand, customized operation mode;