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Type:   ASK/OOK Super-Heterodyne Receiver Module

Model:  CYRM03-XXX

  1. DESCRIPTION: CYRM03 is an ISM frequency band high quality super heterodyne decoding wireless data transfer receiving module. This module adapts UHF wireless communication technology and low noise large scale integrated circuit, so it has a perfect antistatic protection, high reliability and very competitive in terms of pricing and performance.   It can be used in a large number of applications such as remote control garage doors, extendable doors, brake, industrial control, communications, security, home automation, GSM/GPS on-board system and etc fields.  The receiving system is an ideal choice for high demand system with a complex environment. 2. FEATURES:                           
  • Frequency: 315MHz/433.92MHz/ (custom frequency is available);
    • High sensitivity -110dBm;
    • Supply voltage: VCC= 3.0 to 5.5 V;
    • 4 Channel output, Self setting for Latches and Temporary Storage Mode;
  • Can custom design different type of decoding receiving module: EV1527 (Learning Code), PT2272 (Fixed Code).  Currently, CYRM03 is available in EV1527 (Learning Code)
    • Decoding the decoder can support up to seven encoder, when the encoder learning overflow (i.e. more than seven encoder), decoder will start automatically covered and scrapped the encoder that has been studied at the earliest.
    • Low power consumption: 5.0V/7.5mA@433M,5.0V/5.5mA@315M, continuously data rate to 2.4kbps(Manchester encoding)
    • Good selectivity and stray radiation inhibition ability.
    • Temperature range -20-70℃, It can work normal even under harsh environment.
  •  Remote gate controls, Brake
  •  Remote keyless entry (RKE)
  •  Wireless control Curtain device
  •  Wireless security systems
  •  Wireless Industrial Control
  •  Wireless parking lot barrier