433.92/315Mhz Transmitter Module - CYTD1

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Type: 2000M Range ASK/OOK Transmitting Module

Model: CYTD1


CYTD1 ASK wireless transmitting module is using the surface acoustic resonator and high power RF circuit. This circuit will have current consumption only if you press the button which means there is no electricity consumption at ordinary times.  It is simple to use. CYTD1 can cooperate with the commonly used ASK super-regenerative receiver circuit or super heterodyne receiver circuit. CYTD1 is with high frequency stability. The data port can direct access to the data signals of the single chip microcomputer or wireless encoding chip and it can easily achieve the function from data to the wireless signal emission.


  • High output power, when using with CY11, it can reach 2000 meters in open area.
  • Transmitting Power > 0.5W.
  • Operating Voltage: DC5V Operating
  • Current: About 120mA
  • Operating Frequency: 315MHz/433MHz (custom frequency is available)
  • Modulation: ASK/OOK
  • Using SAW frequency stabilization (+-75Khz), working frequency is stable.
  • There is no current consumption when there is no data transmitting. The current consumption with low emission is 120mA.
  • Shape Size: 30×20×6.5mm
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃~+70℃
  • Input Signal: TTL level

  • RKE – remote keyless entry
  • Gate/Access Control
  • Wireless alarm
  • Remote Shutter/Curtain
  • Home automation system
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Wireless Industry Control