433.92/315Mhz Transmitter Module - CYT60

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Type:  ASK Transmitter Module

Model:  CYT60


CYT60 is an ASK ISM frequency bank wireless transmitting module with superior performance.  This module adapts European brand industrial-grade RF wireless data transmission receiving chip with strong transmitting power and low voltage power supply. CYT60 has all the characteristics for FCC/CE certification.  CYT60 can achieve wireless data signal input to wireless signal output.  Users can easily achieve the development of wireless products by adding a simple data decoding circuit


  • High transmitting power >10mW
  • Wide working voltage: 1.8 V-3.6V
  • Working Frequency: 315Mhz/433.92Mhz (custom frequency available)
  • Using PLL frequency stabilization (+-50 KHZ), to enhance the stability of the working frequency.
  • When work with receiving module CY11, it can reach 300 meters in open space.
  • Low power consumption, static emission current consumption: 10mA.  Basically, there is no power consumption when there is no data transmission.
  • Working Temperature:-20℃~+70℃
  • Dimension:10x10x2.5MM
  • Frequency stability:±50 KHZ
  • Modulation Rate: 3kb/s
  • Input Signal: TTL level


  • Remote Keyless Entry (RKE)
  • Gate/Access Control
  • Wireless Security Alarm
  • Smart home – auto curtain
  • Wireless Industrial control
  • Wireless Data Transmission