2.4G Transceiver Module - CYTR12-V2.0

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Type: 2.4G Transceiver Module
Model: CYTR12-V2.0
--Receiving sensitivity -96dBm @ 62.5Kbps; transmitting power +6dBm;
--Frequency: 2402--2482 MHz (support hopping frequency);
--Power supply input range: 2.2--3.6V;
--TX current: 15--24mA;
--RX current: 18mA;
--Support SPI interface, data Rate: 1Mbps, 250Kbps, 125Kbps, 62.5Kbps optional;
--Temperature range: -20 ~ 70℃ (industrial grade); It can work under complex environment and under the condition of strong interference.
--Sleep mode working current: 1uA.

(1) Wireless data acquisition and control of industrial instrumentation.
(2) AMR (water, electric, gas) Meter Reader;
(3) Data Communication System;
(4) The Remote Control System;
(5) Intelligent Home Automation System;
(6) Remote Control Door Opener;
(7) Wireless Security Alarm;
(8) Wireless Keyboard Mouse;
(9) Wireless Industrial Controller;
(10) Wireless Data Transmission;