433.92/315Mhz Transmitter Module - CYT29

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CYT29 ASK/OOK/FSK wireless transmitter module gets excellent performance with ISM frequency band. With the adoption of branded industrial RF wireless data transmission chipsets, it has the advantages at strong transmission power, low voltage and easy to pass FCC/CE certificates. It can do wireless signal input to the data signal output without any external circuit. Users only need to decode the data plus a simple circuit and then any wireless products development can be easily achieved.                                                            

2. FEATURES:                           

  • Frequency: 240 MHz – 960 MHz (ASK/FSK);
  • High output power: +14dBm;
  • Low operation voltage: VCC = 1.8 to 3.6V;
  • Static current: <20nA; 50% duty ratio transmitting current: 18.5mA;
  • Freq deviation: ±30KHz;
  • FSK deviation: ±35K
  • Circuit shape: PLL (10PPM), stable working frequency;
  • Temperature Range: -20℃ ~ 70℃
  • The range can be up to 500m in the open space when matching with CY68
  • Dimension: 10.6*10.4*2.1mm



  • Remote Gate Controls, brake
  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Mechanical and electrical control of strong interference;
  • Wireless Industrial Remote Control
  • Wireless Data Transmission
  • Remote Control Curtain