433.92/315Mhz Receiver Module - CY23

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Type:   ASK/OOK Super-Heterdyne Receiver Module

Model:  CY23-XXX   Description: CY23 is a high quality super-heterodyne receiver module with VHF/UHF. The module is designed based upon markets’ feedback and a lot of customers’ advice. It has shocked in the electronic products market. The module adopting LSI circuit with high frequency and low noise which is imported from famous company of Europe. It has strong anti- static protection, high reliability and competitive price. It’s widely used in remote GDO (garage door opener), auto-gates as retract type, brakes, GSM/GPS system, factory automatic, communication and security system etc. Features:

l  Frequency: 315M/433.92MHz (custom frequency is available)

l  Compact hybrid modules

l  Supply voltage 4.5-5.5V

l  Higher receiver sensitivity down to -114dBm

l  Excellent ability of noise immunity against interfering source

l  Temperature Range: -30℃ ~ 85℃

l  Low power consumption. 5.0V/12mA, continuous data rate to 2.4Kbps (Manchester Code)


l  Garage door and gate openers

l  Remote controls

l  Remote fan and light control 

l  Smart home system

l  Alarm and security system