433.92/315Mhz Receiver Module - CY20

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Type: ASK Superhet Receiver Module
Model: CY20

CY20 is a high quality superhet receiver with ISM band wireless data transmission. With the adoption of super high frequency wireless communications technology and low noise large scale integrated circuit, this module is highly cost effective with perfect anti-static protection and high reliability. It is the best choice of rolling remote controls, electric door control system and long-distance transmission. It can be heavily used in garage door and gate controls, retractile door, brake, industrial controls, communications and security system and GSM/GPS car kit. This receiving system is ideal for the application in demanding and complex environment. Wireless signal input and output without any added circuits. Users only need to decode the data plus a simple circuit and then any wireless products development can be easily achieved.

  • Super anti-jamming;
  • Sensitivity up to -116dBm;
  • Working frequency: 315 MHz; 433MHz;
  • Power supply input voltage range: 3V-5.5V;
  • Low power consumption: 5.0 V/12mA;
  • Good selectivity and spurious radiation suppression capability;
  • Temperature range: -30℃~ +85℃;
  • Perfect noise suppression

  • Remote keyless entry(RKE);
  • Remote controls;
  • Wireless security alarms;
  • Remote curtains motor;
  • Wireless industrial controls;
  • Wireless parking lock;
  • Strong interference occasion;
  • DC motor controller