433.92/315Mhz Receiver Module - CY58

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Type: ASK/OOK Superhet Receiver Module

Model:  CY58-XXX

The CY58 is a ASK/OOK superhet receiver based on Xtal, which is designed with high sensitivity, long distance, easy use for designing, it can be able to fulfill most demands of European market specially.


  • Frequency: 315M/433.92M (custom frequency is available)
  • High sensitivity up to -110 dBm
  • Supply voltage: VCC= 3.3 to 5.5 V;
  • IF band: 230KHz;
  • Low power consumption: 4.8mA@315M, 6mA@433.92M;
  • Wide operating temperature; -40~85℃
  • Excellent selectivity and noise rejection;
  • Easy for to use for all wireless applications;
  • Analog RSSI Output(only for V2.0) ;
  • SIL(single in line) small package;

  • Garage door and gate openers
  • Remote controls
  • Remote fan and light control
  • Smart home system
  • Alarm and security system