Products - CY2401

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l Include RF and digital baseband single chip solutions.

l Supports frequency hopping.

l Supports SPI and I2C interface.

l Built-in auto_ack function.

l Data rate 1Mbps, 250Kbps, 125Kbps, and 62.5Kbps.

l 64bits, 48bits, 32bits,16bits sync bits for 1Mbps; 32bits and 16bits sync bits for 125Kbps and 62.5Kbps. Recommends using 32bits, 1bits fault tolerance.

l Extremely low power consumption.

l Support signal energy detection.

l 200m single-chip transmission distance.

l TSSOP16 and CPC16 package.


l Remote controls

l Wireless keyboards and mice

l Proprietary Wireless Networks

l Smart home

l Commercial and industrial short-range communication

l IP phones, cordless phone

l Mutual communication between machines