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cy580     CY580 Datasheet       300M-450MHz ASK Receiver     General Description The CY580 is an UHF ASK receiver IC in a small SOP-8 package which operates at 300MHz to 450MHz with typical receiving sensitivity of -109dBm.   The CY580 is a single chip receiver for ASK and OOK modulation such as pulse width modulation, variable pulse modulation, Manchester modulation and so on. Especially, the CY580 provides image rejection function to remove the image band and selects the desired signal compared to CY801.   All IF filtering and post-detection (demodulator) data filtering is provided within the CY580, no external filters are necessary. One of four demodulator filter bandwidths may be selected externally by the user.   The high integrated CY580 uses the low cost 8-Lead Small Outline Package (SOP-8), no extra external component is required except two capacitors (CTH and CAGC), reference crystal and antenna matching network.     Features l  300MHz to 450MHz Frequency Range l  -109dBm High Sensitivity, 1Kbps and BER 10E-2 @ 315MHz and 433.92MHz l  Image Rejection Function l  Low Power Consumption l  Excellent Selectivity and Noise Rejection l  No External IF Filter Required l  Low External part count l  SOP-8 Package Type       Applications l  Automotive Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) l  Remote Control System l  Access Control System l  Home Automation l  Toys